Seeing the movie has inspired me to do an entry on what I think should be done with the character. I don’t really know what all’s been tried.

The idea I’ve had for quite some time is to localize him. Plenty of popular heroes have homes, a base from which they travel to all adventures. I believe Blaze needs such a place. He needs some sort of country town where he can reestablish a private identity while having no hinderances in regards to his alter-ego.

A nice aspect to the story would be if that particular town had paranormal trouble. Maybe it just happened to be located near a rift between dimensions. That would allow for Ghost Rider to sometimes be needed in town and sometimes be needed elsewhere. He has to be mobile, though. A hero with a motorbike shouldn’t stay in one place. With his wicked speed, he should be able to reach most places with relative ease and short time.

How would he know to leave? The only thing I can think of to make this work would be to give him a sense much like Cosmic Awareness. Johnny would sense trouble and would travel to handle it. But being mobile means that his private life needs to be static. His job needs to be something he can leave whenever he needs to. He can still have friends and maybe even a few that know he’s Ghost Rider. Such things might allow for some nice drama outside his heroic battles.

It’s only a rough idea, but I think it could work.