No, I’m not really ending the blog. Check the date of that entry.

For Lent, I took on the task of drawing. It’s been years since I’ve tried to draw something. Recently, I realized that my lack of skill might be due to the lack of reference images. I think you’ll see soon enough that there is some truth to that.

Magneto--custom costume
Magneto--colored by AnkaleRa

I had an idea of how to draw Magneto and went for it. Despite having a few reference images, I lacked something that mimicked the shot I wanted. Thus, I sort of had to do some guesswork drawing. As a first attempt in a long while, it’s not bad. But if could be better.

Martian Manhunter

This, and the others after, were done on request. I drew this using a few references for the face and one Superman image for the pose, detail, shading, etc. I would provide that Superman image, just so you could compare, but I can’t track it down again. This is my favorite of the drawings.


Requested by a lover of Beast, I tried my best. I wanted to do something humorous, but also something to show Hank’s intelligence. I think I succeeded at both. However, I’m not satisfied with it. I did far too much erasing, the hair isn’t consistent, the shading didn’t work right, and I made an error that needed to be covered (see the book cover). It is at least different from all of the other images, but it just doesn’t look right to me. I still have much to learn.

Spider-Woman--linked for space

Also requested by a fan of the character, I again wanted to make sure to do a good job. I really took care this time, based on how well the Beast image turned out. Feeling that my Martian Manhunter drawing was the best so far, I decided to use one image as the main reference shot.

This is that image:

Yes, that’s a Spider-Man image. But it provided something close to a leaping pose, which I wanted. It also sort of showed me how to define the muscles. I guess I should note that this is the first time I’ve drawn a female character. Overall, I’m quite pleased.

Blok--linked for space

Per my mom’s request, I took a stab at drawing a former member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, the late, great Blok. I did what little I could with forming a pose and creating the rough drawing using a recent Legion cover with him on it. Once I had access to some back-issues, I was able to better see what his hands and facial structure were like. Once again I settled on drawing a custom costume, as none of his have made sense to me. I like the end product, but not the noticeable erasure marks at the top.

I might do more at some point, but I’m no longer obligated to.

Feel free to comment, especially if you have an idea for a topic next week!