This is the first entry regarding my weekly comic book review and cover count. I’ll always start by reviewing what I’ve read in a given week. Then, I will provide the Cover Count, where those reviewed titles are sorted into two stacks, based on whether the title is indicative of the interior or not.


The Amazing Spider-Girl #8–There is no Spider-Girl nor some villain trying to defeat her, as the cover somewhat implies. However, Mary Jane does take center-stage, a nice nod to Mother’s Day, in a tale that deals with identity, adjustment, and acceptance. It’s an enjoyable interlude to the Hobgoblin story.

Blade #9–Blade may not fight a Cossack, but the story that is told is decent. There’s a good vampire fight scene and a classic hero misunderstanding fight. I wasn’t aware that Union Jack is a vampire hunter, but that may just be my ignorance of the character. With a little bit of inventiveness (mainly just the gun-hand) and clever dialogue, this is definitely an enjoyable issue.

Countdown #51–It’s hard to gauge this issue. There’s an interesting action sequence that takes up most of the issue and a few preliminary, ominous points. So I’ll just leave it at “average set-up issue” and move on.

Ghost Rider #11–This issue is simply the climax of the arc with pretty much nothing but Balze versus Jack O’ Lantern. There are a couple of neat twists, but the resolution seems rushed. Better than earlier issues of the title (and even this arc), it is a good read.

Nightwing #132–Like Ghost Rider, Nightwing hits the last issue of an arc. Nightwing seems a little odd at times, such as when he reflects on a girl he knew for five mintues as motivation for what he’s doing or that smug look he has on his face toward the end. The overall premise, of Nightwing leading a group of former villains to help him take down a couple of mass-murderers, would have probably worked better with a few well-known characters, but it still works. It’s nice when writers finish arcs strong, right?

Nova #2–Speaking of finishing strong, we come to the last thing I read this week. Nova visits Earth and is confronted by a changed society and the events that led to it. Both sides regarding registration are touched on, with respect, which alone makes this interesting. Combined with a conversation with fellow former New Warrior Justice and a small fight, this edges out the others this week. It’s my pick of the week.

Cover Count:

Countdown‘s cover says nothing of the interior, whereas Blade‘s misleads (with that vampire Cossack). Nightwing has a dynamic poster-esque shot. And Nova implies a butting-of-heads that doesn’t really occur. The two, The Amazing Spider-Girl and Ghost Rider, at least have symbolism, if no specifics. In the former, Mary Jane does steal the focus and comes to terms with her protection of May. In the latter, elements of the events inside are included, even if that scene isn’t actually inside.

This week, the cover count is 2:4, or 1:2 .

Not great, but okay.

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