I always start by reviewing what I’ve read in a given week. Then, I will provide the Cover Count, where those reviewed titles are sorted into two stacks, based on whether the title is indicative of the interior or not.


Action Comics #849–After a rocky start, this two-part story closes strong. It provides an answer to a nagging question I had regarding Redemption and somewhat explains the nature of his powers. A little bit of suspension of disbelief is required, mainly regards to Hightower not figuring out Clark’s identity, but that’s okay. For a guy who generall doesn’t like events in Superman titles, I found myself enjoying this one.

All-Star Batman & Robin #5–It’s been over a year since the last issue. It wasn’t worth the wait. A bit of odd characterization and word selection really took me out of the story. I know it’s supposed to be a satire, but I’m not laughing. I’ll leave this issue at “bland” and move on.

Batman #665–The story itself isn’t bad, though confusion lies in the details. However, Batman doesn’t really act or sound quite like himself for most of the issue. Overall, this issue really isn’t good.

Countdown #50–Two minor details hurt the beginning and end for me, but overall this issue is much better than last issue. Mary Marvel, Jimmy Olson, Red Hood, Joker, and the Flash Rogues are spotlighted with a revisit to a scene from an earlier issue of Justice League of America. I suppose that last part is simply for timeline purposes. Definitely one of my favorites this week.

Exiles #94–Start with a dash of coloring error. Add a pinch of mischaracterization. Stir into a solution isn’t clear. Now you’ve got one mess of an issue similar to this week’s Exiles. This comic does have an editor, right?

Flash #12–There are a couple of glitches, especially in regards to a couple of Rogues scenes, but that doesn’t stop this issue from being good. I just wish it weren’t a time travel story. Ugh.

Justice League of America #9–The JLA/JSA team-up continues as two more Legionnaires are gathered. The need for teams still seems odd, as little resistance is offered. Apparently, the end makes reference to a classic Legion tale, which is nice, but there’s a little confusion as to where this story is going, especially in regards to the villain subplot.

Mighty Avengers #3–Despite an odd Tigra/Pym scene and no answers being given about Ultron, it’s actually better than the last two issues. There’s a big fight between Ultron and Sentry, so there goes doing minimal damage to the surroundings. I’m just really hoping this thing ends soon.

Ultimates 2 #13–The battle wraps up fairly quickly, which isn’t necessarily bad given the enjoyable stuff afterward. Well, except for those last few pages of flashback. I’m not sure what that’s about. After a long wait, it’s not as great as I expected. However, it is good enough to be one of my favorites this week.

Ultimate Spider-Man #109–After a few years of confusing plotlines and odd happenings, this title has found itself a good arc. In this issue there’s a great sequence with Kingpin and a fair amount of panel-time for all the “Knights”. Clever and fun, this is my pick of the week.

Ultimate X-Men #82–The new direction in the title is still building, but it’s slow. I like the inventiveness (such as Bishop’s powers) and dislike the opposite (like Callisto being pretty much a clone of her mainstream counterpart). It’s at least worth a read.

Uncanny X-Men #486–Unfortunately, I can’t end this week on a high note. The worst issue I read this week, Uncanny does almost everything wrong. The needless death and funeral left me thinking, “Where’s Siqorsky?” There are other problems, of course, but the doctor’s absense is most noticeable. With such a terrible, messy ending, I feel ashamed for defending this arc.

Cover Count:

Perhaps there’s symbolism in the Batman cover, but I don’t see it. Therefore, both Batman titles miss the mark. The Flash cover portrays little, if anything, about the interior. Justice League of America‘s has prominent people, but doesn’t discuss events. Countdown‘s cover expresses the confrontation between Joker and Jimmy, but somewhat implies a negative result, and it doesn’t mention other aspects of the issue. DC’s only win this week is Action Comics.

Looking at Exiles, the Psylocke/Slaymaster confrontation is a minute item. Compounded with the blatant coloring error, this cover just doesn’t work. The Ultimates 2 cover is pretty much a poster shot. Ultimate Spider-Man really has more of Spidey versus the “Knights” than the other way ’round. Mighty Avengers cover hits the profile characters, but doesn’t show relevance, and Uncanny‘s just has too many errors for it to count. Since Nightcrawler being in the sewers is pretty much the focus of the issue,I guess Marvel at least gets Ultimate X-Men.

So 2:10 or 1:5. Ouch.