I once claimed that I would never want to write the X-Men, mainly due to a lack of ideas. That changed recently.

My dad brought up the subject of the X-Men not really interested him anymore, as many of his favorite characters have been changed in ways with which he doesn’t like. So, he asked me what it would take to reclaim his interest. And, like a newspaper does a down-and-out guy in an alley, an idea hit me.

It started simple and, as things normally go, my dad began building on it. Soon, we had a decent frame for a story. It starts with a character currently dubbed “The Geneticist” purely due to a lack of inspiration for a name. This character has developed a way to control mutant abilities through a little bit of manipulation of the X-gene. He gets some government grants, hires a team of mercenaries under the table, and sets to work.

Slowly, he picks off a few stray mutants. People like Angel (and Husk), Firestar, and Thunderbird and Lifeguard. He uses brainwashing techniques to get these mutants to work for him (potentially through using a mutant collaborator, but that’s not set in stone). Soon, he gathers enough confidence to storm the X-Mansion. The X-Men and students successfully drive off the attack, but not before a couple of mutants are captured. We’re thinking probably at least Cyclops and Beast, as well as maybe Rogue and a few students. In any case, due to the attack, the X-Men do a little detective work and learn what they’re up against. Shortly thereafter, most of the senior staff members realize that the X-Mansion isn’t safe. The Geneticist and his lot will keep attacking, each time taking a few people, until no one is left standing.

The Academy is closed and the X-Men are disbanded. Emma Frost goes with Forge and secretly continues running/helping the student teams. Many determine that the best option is to scatter. Some decide to leave the country. The plan does work. They do become harder to capture, mainly because the Geneticist can’t easily locate him. So, he somehow manages to grab Caliban, the mutant tracking unit that he is, and puts him to work.

Due to this rising new threat, Magneto finally comes out of hiding from wherever he went after The Collective. He seeks out Cable at his nation, knowing him to be a good strategist and leader, and makes a proposal. Together, using two different methods of attack, they would assault the Geneticist and his forces. Of course, those methods include two groups of mutants, or two teams of X-Men.

We decided it would be best to stick with current X-Men for the most part. I deemed that there should be one cover team (Cable’s) and one heavy-hitting, showy team (Magneto’s). Here are the rosters:

Uncanny–Cable, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat (and Lockheed), Warpath, Hepzibah, and Karima.

X-Men–Magneto, Cannonball, Colossus, Iceman, Lady Mastermind, and Avalanche (an addition I made simply because he fits).

Astonishing–Assuming this mag stays, we’d have this be where Xavier works. We don’t have the details ironed out.

And here are some interesting tidbits with some captured X-Men:

With a greater promise of control, Cyclops and Rogue would be tempted to accept a proposal made by the Geneticist. As a scientist, the villain has studied McCoy’s work and, after deeming him less useful in his current state, works to reverse the advance in mutation that Sage caused.

Clearly, there’s a little bit of work to be done, especially in regards to shaping an ending. But I immediately found the whole thing fascinating.