I always start by reviewing what I’ve read in a given week. Then, I will provide the Cover Count, where those reviewed titles are sorted into two stacks, based on whether the cover is indicative of the interior or not.


Captain America #26–Touching on all the supporting and villainous characters in the wake of Cap’s death, this issue doesn’t provide much progression.  The few potentially important things that are mentioned are interesting, but not enough to stop this from being a rather dull issue.  Plus, the Winter Soldier’s new plan doesn’t seem to fit in the context of the issue.  Perhaps some good will come from it anyway. 

Countdown #49–It picks up where the last left off, showing that it doesn’t have the same pacing as 52.  Despite a couple of continuity issues and a misleading cover, it’s not a bad issue, though it could stand to have a little more action.

Dynamo 5 #3–This issue provides a little more insight into the lives of a few of the members of the team and sparks an interesting mystery.  Continuing the done-in-one, new-reader-friendly style, it remains quite enjoyable.  This is my pick of the week.

Fantastic Four #546–Although the art has been stellar, the writing has been less than.  There are a few fun moments in this issue, as well as some neat ideas, but a few problematic story elements and a little bit too much Black Panther love stop it from being wonderful.

Legion of Super-Heroes #30–Waid and Kitson finish their work on the title as they merge classic Legion ideas and stories with interesting twists and consequences.  Perhaps the best part of all is that so many of the Legionnaires receive at least a little focus.  It’s a solid end to a less-than-solid story.

Superman/Batman #35–Given the amount of confusion and uncertainty that has plagued this title since its inception, this issue is a breath of fresh air.  I find it odd that Magnus and Wayne have never met.  I’m also not sure I like this Brainiac upgrade.  Overall, though, it’s probably one of the best issues this title has seen.

Cover Count:

I already stated that Countdown‘s cover is misleading.  The Legion cover is pretty much a poster shot.  Fantastic Four has a cover that sort of illustrates an idea in the issue, but doesn’t really tell anything and includes a city landscape.

The Captain America cover comes close, given that there really isn’t much to this issue other than seeing the characters on the cover, but it needs a little something extra to make it.  Although Superman/Batman‘s cover doesn’t really say anything about the Metal Men or Metallo, it does somewhat showcase the major plot point of the issue, even including Batman’s space suit.  So, it barely squeezes in.  Most of the action in Dynamo 5 involves Quake, so this cover pulls through.

That means it’s 2:4 or 1:2.  Much better.