I always start by reviewing what I’ve read in a given week. Then, I will provide the Cover Count, where those reviewed titles are sorted into two stacks, based on whether the cover is indicative of the interior or not.


Action Comics #850–This issue is a quaint, though somewhat strange, commemorative issue that focuses on the history and character of Superman.  It does well in that regard, but offers little else.

Countdown #48–No questions are answered and new ones are added as stories continue to have ambiguous or vague elements (including the advertised New God death).  Also, the Karate Kid plot, which includes an oddly straightforward Starman this issue, continues to bother me for continuity reasons.  It’s not a bad issue, but I’d like more.

Daredevil #97–Gladiator’s on the loose and Daredevil’s got to stop him… or not.  Like Countdown, this story still has unanswered questions, mainly regarding Gladiator, but it does have  couple of twists, making it a compelling read.

Justice Society of America #6–There’s an unexpected Legion member and an elaborate ruse, plus a little explanation.  There isn’t much else to say, except that it’s well done.  This one is my pick of the week.

Silver Surfer: Requiem #1–The story has significant flaws and the art isn’t flawless.  However, things aren’t all bad.  The premise is interesting and some of the FF interaction is quite humorous.  Really, though, the bad outweighs the good.

Teen Titans #47–The Monitors continue to draw attention to themselves and Jason Todd pushes buttons as one group of Titans investigates Harlequinn’s death.  Another group of Titans acts a little stupid in dealing with Match, whichs provides for a fight sequence.  It could’ve been worse.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #42–For the third story in a row, the Fantastic Four have to deal with a bizarre occurrence in the city (and across the planet, in this case).  It’s a little disappointing that some of the fallout from the last story is handled flippantly, but the nods to mainstream continuity make up for it.  This issue is actually quite good.

Cover Count:

It’s a tough week.  I’ll say that up-front.  Justice Society of America and Silver Surfer offer portrait covers.  Green Lantern‘s portrays, at best, a small aspect of the comic.  And Ultimate Fantastic Four has a cover that includes a character not actually appearing in the issue, save in foreshadowing.

Action Comics‘ is a little too vague to quite qualify, Teen Titans‘ portrays something that doesn’t actually happen in the issue, but in CountdownDaredevil‘s actually comes pretty close, given how typical a cover it is, but it gets too many details wrong and doesn’t touch on enough.

The only winner this week is Countdown.  Darn.

That gives us 1:7.  That’s the worst one yet.