I always start by reviewing what I’ve read in a given week. Then, I will provide the Cover Count, where those reviewed titles are sorted into two stacks, based on whether the cover is indicative of the interior or not.


Avengers: The Initiative #3–Hardball, Trauma, and especially Komodo receive the focus of this issue as secret government technology is revealed (and some is leaked) and the Initiative tries to take down Spider-Man, who is surprisingly enjoyable. Hydro-Man, Shocker, and Boomerang do appear (though calling them “half of the Sinister Syndicate is an exaggeration), but don’t make the issue nearly as interesting as the cover suggests. This issue isn’t flawless, what with a member leaving the base unsupervised and War Machine being uncharacteristically ineffective, for example. It is better than it has been.

Countdown #47–Jimmy’s story continues to baffle, a character plot is added, the Monitors come to a lethal consensus, and Mary Marvel does indeed obtain the powers of Black Adam. There are a couple of odd points, such as the use of “sorry” and the Monitors turning so quickly. So little happens, though, that it’s hardly a must-read.

Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #5–Much of the story in this issue seems rushed. From the expansion of the relationship between Roland and Susan to the vandalism that splits the group, it just reads like there’s so much novel to cover in three issues that things are being crammed together.

Dynamo 5 #4–It’s a downtime issue as the team members honor Father’s Day. Government ineptitude can be found at the start and an interesting twist is located at the end. Overall, the issue mainly just provides a better perspective on most of the team, on the people under the costumes. With it handled so well, I dub this issue my pick of the week.

The Loners #3–I’ve rather enjoyed the previous issues of this title. Unfortunately, this issue is a dip in quality. The timeline is jumpy. Nothing is really explained. There’s a noticeable lack of dialogue. Finally, the story wraps itself up too quickly. It almost feels like someone different is writing…

I did read the funny, yet informative Mystic Arcana: The Book of Magic this week, but since it isn’t actually a comic, I’ll move on.

Nightwing #133–With Nightwing getting the job done by foiling two kidnappings and with Dick Grayson having some interesting encounters, this issue is quite solid. I don’t have enthusiasm for it, despite it being the best Nightwing issue I’ve read in months. Weird.

Omega Flight #3–The issue starts well enough. Then it devolves into a nonsensical plot with a too-quick fight. It raises lots of questions, some important, some not. More questions than I like. This issue is disappointing.

Supergirl #18–It’s a drawn-out fight between a faux-Supergirl and the current Maid of Might. There is one confusing aspect to the fight: Supergirl is somehow absorbed into her opponent and then able to bust out. Fortunately, the confusion of the fight itself is resolved at the end. Unfortunately, that explanation involves a Monitor being far more revealing than necessary. Is this really the right way to guard the Multiverse?

Superman #663–Despite a New Gods field trip to Earth not sounding like a good idea (and turning out not to be one) and Arion showing a bit more aggression than I remember from him, this issue is quite good. It has Bork! Ahem…

Cover Count:

Dark Tower, Loners, Nightwing, and Omega Flight all stay true to form by having covers that say little to nothing about the interior.

Superman‘s cover barely squeeks by, as I would like a little more detail (like “Young Gods run amok!”). There’s a little more to Initiative than that fight, and the specifics are perhaps misleading, but that event is a large part of the issue. It gets the okay. Countdown makes it by the standard of “large part of the issue”. Supergirl contains just what it advertises, as does Dynamo 5.

With a little relazing, that makes the ratio 5:4. In the positives! Woo-hoo!