I’m changing this weekly column. It seems to me that I spend more time reviewing the comics than discussing the covers. Therefore, I’m going to remove the “Review” section and focus on the covers and the count. This actually helps with the count itself, as I’ll now be able to include titles I don’t read. For this week, I’ll focus on the Big Two.

Black Panther #28–This issue contains Zombie Skrulls and Zombie Galacti. I certainly didn’t get that from the cover, which includes characters that don’t appear in the issue.

Blue Beetle #16–I’ve been told that this cover depicts key people (short of one) and represents the gist of interior events. I cannot get a confirmation myself, so I’ll just take my source’s word. I have to.

Countdown #44–It’s Monarch! Or maybe it’s just Captain Atom now calling himself Monarch. That detail isn’t fully clear. What is clear is that this cover shows Monarch in a simple, threatening pose. I know nothing of the content going in, save that Monarch appears. And that part is handled by the text beneath the image. So not only is this cover fairly useless, but it’s also somewhat repetitive.

Daredevil #98–The covers depicts Daredevil leaping from the page, all colored and shaded with the dark tones that suit the title. In fact, this cover may even represent how he’s facing something dark, but that’s seems a bit broad, doesn’t it? The only thing that could possibly narrow things down a bit are some words. Hmm… those words say “guns kill people”. That’s no help at all.

The Fantastic Four #547–Much like upcoming covers of this title, this cover shows people just standing around. In this case, neither are depicted as they are inside. Interesting.

Immortal Iron Fist #6–As visually interesting as this cover is, it doesn’t really handle the important details, seemingly focusing on the people of the story. It needs a little more.

Silver Surfer: Requiem #2–The issue is mainly about Silver Surfer hanging out with a black-eyed Spider-Man in New York City. However, there is much more than that. The opening fight, Surfer’s plight, what the two heroes discuss, and the inclusion of Mary Jane are some other key aspects of the story. Given the tone of the book, the cover makes sense. And it does come relatively close to passing muster. It just isn’t enough.

Sinestro Corps Special #1–It is true that a war begins inside. It is also true that Sinestro is leading the charge. However, none of the Lanterns end up on spikes. Even if that part of the cover is seen as wishful thinking on Sinestro’s part, it still doesn’t work, as he clearly wants Kyle Rayner very much alive. On top of that, Kilowog barely even appears.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #31–There are a bunch of people flying at me! Not all of them appear in the issue! Pass.

Superman/Batman #37–I’m not entirely sure what happens in the story, but I do know that this cover doesn’t express that story. The cover depicts, to a certain extent, the origins of the title characters. The story has little, if anything, to do with their origins. I know that much.

Teen Titans #48–Clearly, Supergirl and Wonder Girl are on the side of the Amazons. That much is true. However, there’s much more going on, something that gets the Titans (noticeably absent from the cover) involved.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #43–The encounter with the Silver Surfer is nothing like the cover depicts. Heck, the Surfer doesn’t even have his board throughout the entire issue.

Ultimate X-Men #83–Cyclops and Jean fight. Nightcrawler fights. They do not fight each other, except maybe in words. Nightcrawler doesn’t even do that much teleporting…

Wonder Woman #10–Wonder Woman is at war. There had been bloodshed. There will be be bloodshed. I get. Now, tell me something about this particular issue.

X-Men #200–They get two covers. Two covers! And neither one of them does more than show a bunch of people. Just great.

By now it should be obvious. Even after looking into some issues I didn’t read, I still found nothing but unhelpful covers. I’m taking Blue Beetle on my limited knowledge just because I lack any other cover that fits the bill.

That means the ratio is 1:14. Sigh.