While Marvel was publishing Civil War, I stated that I understood DC continuity better than Marvel continuity. When I said that, I was referring to current continuity, disregarding Legion reboots or Brainiac origins or unexplained appearances. After Infinite Crisis and One Year Later, DC was pretty easy to follow. There wasn’t noticeable contradiction, yet the individual titles remained fairly self-contained. This is no longer true.

I discovered this while discussing Countdown. It turns out that although Countdown is referencing events from around the DC universe, it’s either not referencing them in the right order or is outright ignoring details. I don’t know the specifics, but it seems there’s some problem with the way the Amazons Attack stuff is being handled while everything else is going on. More notably, though, Karate Kid’s conversation with Batman in issue #43 doesn’t mesh with the ending of the Lightning Saga, without some complicated explanation that would likely make matter worse. Speaking of Karate Kid’s story, the Fortress used in this week’s Countdown is wrong as well.

In any case, DC is having continuity problems related to Countdown. But that isn’t the only place. The Lightning Saga itself has continuity glitches within itself, such as the team from Thanagar returning to Earth it what seems like a few minutes. There’s the implied notion of Rann and Thanagar still being one planet within The Brave and the Bold. There’s the appearances of Joker in Detective Comics and Batman. I’m sure I could list more if I wanted to.

I really don’t know what’s caused it. Perhaps it’s this notion of time being fluid (which doesn’t seem to be mandated) that is allowing people to write these errors. Perhaps it’s the return of the multiverse. I think, though, it’s just sloppy editing. I read a comment somewhere about DC’s editors being overworked, so there’s that. I also think that the build up to the Legion’s 50th Anniversary or Final Crisis or both may somehow be a factor.

That’s not to say that DC continuity would be perfect if editors could make everything current fit together. For example, I still don’t know why Starro’s not frozen somewhere. I don’t even know which story that deals with freezing Starro (one Pre- and one Post-Crisis) is the one currently in continuity.

I’m really hoping that upcoming events renew my interest in the DC universe. Right now, due to all the glitches, it’s falling.

Cover Count:

Once again, I’ll make it brief. This thing will be going away in a few weeks anyway as I head back to school. But here goes.

The ones in the left stack this week are Avengers: Classic #2, Countdown #41, Justice League of America #11, Ultimate Spider-Man #111, and World War Hulk #2.

And the comics in the right were everything else I read this week, making it a stack of nine comics.

5:9. Better than some weeks.