Sparked by a conversation with my father and my constantly working on my own superhero concepts, I’ve been thinking about costumes a lot recently.

The conversation was about how a superhero always has a costume. Some my wear things that don’t look like typical costumes but they don’t wear anything else, so that outfit becomes a costume.

A few thoughts later, I began wondering why so many heroes wear spandex. Sure, at this point it’s mainly a tradition. But take creators out of it for the moment. Why would the characters wear spandex?

The first answer I have is that heroes normally have secret identities and personal lives therein. When danger arises, they need to be on the job quickly. Spandex can easily be worn under street clothes. Imagine if they decided to wear a typical outfit. How long would it take them to change? Where would they keep to costume to make it convenient? I don’t know the answers, but I hope you see the point.

But then the thought struck me that there are well-known heroes that don’t wear their spandex under their clothes. Batman comes to mind. So why must he wear spandex (or something spandex-like)? I think that one can be explained using people in gymnastics. The people in exercising videos and athletes competing in gymnastics and track and field wear spandex. It’s lightweight and can be stretched repeatedly, all the while remaining comfortable.

I’ve determined that it makes sense for heroes to wear spandex (or something similar). Now the outside underwear is another matter…