In the last entry I discussed my problems with Superman. In another entry, I revealed some of my ideas for a great Superman story. In this entry, I’m going to show how I would handle the problems mentioned last issue within that great story.

My first problem is that he lacks limitations. One of the first ideas I had for my story was to enclose Metropolis. If Superman can’t leave Metropolis, his hearing and sight are effectively limited. Also, his speed is constrained by a lack of distance. Of course, his hearing and vision and speed would all be normal. I don’t mean to state otherwise (yet) and you shouldn’t infer as such.

Now, that still leaves him being a really effective protector of Metropolis. Barricading him isn’t enough. He would eventually find a way out. Would he still be as effective if the sun were blocked and he had to face an assortment of crisis in quick succession? Even he would begin to run ragged, I think. Incorporate the fact that the mysterious figure running everything is messing with Supes’s senses every time he tries to learn more about said figure and I think I’ve neutralized just about everything.

The second problem was a lack of variety amongst his villains. My notion is simply to not include two villains that are the same. Intergang, Cyborg Superman, Bloodsport, Bizarro, and various others would be involved. There would be magic and mental tricks, too. Kryptonite would be used twice, at a maximum.

In all the great action, I neglected to introduce new supporting characters. However, I think putting emphasis on other supporting characters makes up for it. I’d bring back Dan Turpin, who would interact with LupĂ© (both of them being SCU agents). The initial plan was to use both Steels and Krypto, though I’m not sure how well I could do that these days. Even Superman’s Justice League allies would appear, attempting to help Superman out of his dilemma. If I took the time to read through a bunch of Superman issues, I’m sure I could find at least a few more characters (like Bibbo Bibowski) that I could include, if only briefly.

That would be my method for dealing with Superman. I just hope Superman fans would like it.