For a while now, I’ve had this notion that Chris Claremont needs to stop writing mutant titles. That’s not to say he does a bad job with them. I enjoyed parts of his most recent Uncanny run, for example. However, I feel that he needs to move on. Yes, he’s best known for writing those characters. Yet he had a great run writing Fantastic Four and wrote decent stories for Aliens versus Predator, back when that was being published. Clearly, he can write other things and write them well.

This brings me to my idea. Claremont needs to write Spider-Man. I know it sounds odd at first, but bear with me. He wrote a rather enjoyable Peter Parker: Spider-Man Annual in 2000. Sure, it played off his FF run, but it was still good. He wrote Spider-Man, the character (and probably the comic) better than Mackie did at the time. Moreover, he seems to have become bogged down in serious stories even though he writes such good humor.

More importantly, there was a time when he wrote Marvel Team-Up, which featured Spider-Man. Overall, those were some pretty good stories and Spider-Man himself was written quite well.

When I knew he was coming onto Exiles, I felt that it might suit him. Here was a man that liked messing with alternate realities. Here was a man who could write funny characters (I had Morph in mind). It didn’t work. The realities, though original, just didn’t lead to great stories. Morph wasn’t funny. It was disappointing.

I’m not sure why he doesn’t write Morph as the deadpan character he should be. That’s beside the point, I guess. The point is that he could and used to. If he could somehow reclaim his talent for writing humorous people and scenes, he would be ideal for Spider-Man. Heck, it’ll be coming out every three weeks soon. Maybe Marvel could start him out with a three-issue trial run.