Sometimes people complain about how people in comics look. That the women are too sexed up or that everyone looks pretty or even that they all have fit bodies. I am not a person who complains about these things, though I do recognize that they exist.

Recently, though, I realized that there is something that bothers me. There is a shortage of male characters with facial hair, werewolf or werewolf-like transformations not included. I’m really not sure why this is, either. Maybe it relates back to a time when the villain was this mustachioed fiend. Maybe it’s that men without facial hair are deemed more attractive by society as a hole. That would certainly explain why few male models have facial hair.

There are the Tony Starks and Stephen Stranges in comics, those rare heroes who have such hair and have had it since their inception. There need to be more male heroes and villains with facial hair. Let’s balance things out a bit, okay?