Recently, Comics Should Be Good (see the Blogroll) did two lists, one for the Top 50 DC characters and the other for the Top 50 Marvel characters. It was based entirely on people’s votes of their personal Top 10.

I made a mistake when I sent my Marvel list. This has since been corrected.

Here is my Top 10 for both companies:

10) Manhunter IV (DePaul)
9) Deadman
8) Martian Manhunter
7) Darkseid
6) Kilowog
5) Starro
4) The Human Bomb I (Lincoln)
3) Robin III (Drake)
2) Quislet
1) Flash III (West)

10) Box IV (Jeffries)
9) Black Knight (Whitman)
8) Thing
7) Shadowcat
6) Dr. Doom
5) Lockheed
4) Morph (Exiles)
3) Beta Ray Bill
2) Dr. Strange
1) Captain America