In Infinite Crisis, DC killed off the Freedom Fighters.  One Year Later, there was a new group with the same name, many of them like former Freedom Fighters.

It seems to me that DC dropped the ball here.  If they were going to kill off and relaunch the Freedom Fighters, they could’ve taken the time to develop a completely original team.  I’m not saying the current team is uninteresting or even that it’s poorly conceived.  But there doesn’t seem to be much point to killing off a few characters just to replace them with different versions.

I came up with concept for new Freedom Fighters team recently.  The team has traditionally fought for freedom, whether it be the freedom of Europe from the shadow of the Nazis or the freedom of Earth from the Imperiex attack or even the freedom of America from the Secret Society (which got them killed).  I think it would a neat idea to form a group of Freedom Fighters who are fighting not only for the freedom of the people but for their own freedom.

Uncle Sam is really just a spirit acting through a mortal shell.  It takes over some patriotic Samuel in a time of need and goes to work.  Sure this could frustrate him, especially after Infinite Crisis.  His actions lead to that man’s death.  Might he desire the ability, the freedom, to act without possessing someone?

Something similar can be said for Deadman.  In his case, though, he’s stuck in Limbo.  He cannot completely die, for some unexplained reason.  He is forced to fight the good fight by possessing others and acting through them.  He, too, is endangering those lives.  In the Forever People this was counteracted.  He got a cool robotic suit that could contain him and that he could operate.  It has never been referenced outside of that title.  However, if you set that aside, he’s not just a character who wants the freedom from having the possess others, he’s a character that wants freedom from Limbo.  He wants to either be alive or be dead.  He’ll do what he thinks needs to be done until his state changes, but it is something that nags him.

And just to briefly provide one more example, either Human Bomb needs to wear a containment suit because of his power.

There are others, I’m sure, and they likely offer more diversity not just in abilities and personality, but in what they want to be free from.  I hope you get my point, though.

DC could have used the opportunity of a revamp to actually revamp the team and concept.  Given that the current group seems popular enough to get a second mini, that likely won’t happen soon.