After a month, I’ve finally had the opportunity to read comics in the week they shipped.  What better time to do a Cover Count?

Amazing Spider-Girl #13–The Hobgoblin is depicted playing chess and the cover states that he has a game.  He does a have a game or at least a plan.  However, this cover touches on aspects the interior doesn’t (such as the Scriers and the detective) while offering little about what Spider-Girl handles in the issue.

Captain Carrot and the Final Ark #1–Although the villain threatening the first issue of Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew is included in the issue, it’s a minor note.  However, he is the main villain, all those members of the team do appear, and the Sandy Eggo Comic-Con does play an important role.

Countdown #29–By looking at this cover, I was expecting a confrontation between Brother Eye and Karate Kid with Karate Kid coming out on top.  That does not happen in the inside.  Brother Eye attacks and Karate Kid can do nothing.  Moreover, it’s a small event given that events involving other characters receive many more pages.

Fantastic Four #550–This was quite an enjoyable issue with really very little happening.  Unfortunately, the cover doesn’t express any of that content, save that the original Fantastic Four are in the issue.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24–Even without the words this cover, uh, covers much of the story within.  Dr. Strange summoning mystical hands.  Spider-Man confronting mysterious shadowy figures, and Aunt May on her deathbed.  Short of journeys through time and space, that’s everything.

Ghost Rider #16–I don’t really know the details myself, as this issue is somewhat confusing, but I do know that Ghost Rider doesn’t go one-on-one with an evil brunette.

Green Lantern #24–The Sinestro Corps mercilessly attacks Earth, knocking down the JLA and parts of the Statue of Liberty.  The damage isn’t as bad as he cover suggests, but a little creative exaggeration never hurt anyone.

Heroes For Hire #14–The last issue did a pretty good job.  Now all we get is the crew walking in a wasteland.  No mention of Paladin or the Brood or even where the missing members of the team are.  Disappointing, really.

Nova #7–As typical with Nova covers, this doesn’t tell much.  Yes, Nova is infected by the Phalanx.  Well, for some of the issue anyway.  But there really is so much more.

New Avengers/Transformers #4–There’s sort of a confrontation between Spider-Man and Megatron.  Sort of.  But this one not depicting the story isn’t surprising given the past three covers.

Punisher War Journal #12–No, Frank Castle does not fight the Hulk.  The Hulk doesn’t even appear.  Odd.

Spider-Man/Red Sonja #3–Venom does play an important part in his issue, but there’s little interaction between him and the two title characters.  Nor are the two title characters defeated.

Superman #668–Given the words above the title, I was almost willing to give this to them.  Then I realized that fans of Robin or, maybe, Chris Kent don’t know that those characters in the title.  Nor does anyone know without reading that an alien menace is on the horizon, which is revealed on the first page!  So it’s close, but not quite.

Sword of Red Sonja Doom of the Gods #1–Has there been a Red Sonja cover that does an adequate job?  I can’t recall one.  This one is no different.

X-Men: Die by the Sword #1–It’s a cover of a bunch of people standing around on a rooftop somewhere.  Yay.

The Count:  This week, things were 3:12 or 1:4, with one cover coming close to depicting its interior.  Really not that bad.