Marvel has been declared Namor to be the “first mutant” on various occasions.  Although this does not work within the confines of the Marvel universe itself, as characters such as Apocalypse and the Shadow King are known to be older, it does give the Sub-Mariner a distinction as a mutant.

According to the Marvel handbook spotlighting The 198, Namor is considered an X-gene carrying mutant.  This certainly makes sense given the character’s background.  He’s the son of a human and an Atlantean.  Yet, he can fly and has strength surpassing other Atlanteans.  An X-gene does seem to like a good explanation for a cause.

Frequently, though, Namor is listed as homo mermanus.  Perhaps that is mainly because he spends most of his time underwater with the other Atlanteans.  He is in fact a hybrid, a mix of human and Atlantean genetics.  It seems to me, though, that he received the X-gene just as any other mutant did, through the human parent.  Therefore, I theorize that he’s a mutant/Atlantean hybrid, not human/Atlantean..

I wonder if that’s been stated anywhere…