Spider-Man was once my favorite comic book character.  Not too long ago, really.  But over the past few years, he’s changed into a different character.

It started with Avengers: Disassembled.  Spectacular Spider-Man had a tie-in of sorts that involved Peter finally getting organic web-shooters.  This was a development I didn’t like, but something that didn’t seem like it would have much affect on the stories being told, so I let it slide.

Shortly thereafter, he joined the New Avengers.  Both those Avengers: Disassembled issues and the first arc of New Avengers provide good material for explaining why he shouldn’t be a member of a team.  He just doesn’t follow orders.  He’s too much of an independent thinker.  But I enjoyed the stories that were spun out of this in Amazing, so again I let it slide.

Then came The Other.  It was a nine-piece waste of my time that ended with Spider-Man having new, unecessary (and largely unused) powers and lead into him having a new suit.  Suddenly, he was a spider version of Iron Man with his own abilities.  It was enough to get me to stop reading.

Finally, Civil War hit.  Spider-Man revealed his identity to the world.  And then he changed sides, invalidating his reasons for the reveal in the first place.  Perhaps I would have felt more accepting if his reasons were clearer in the main mini, but even so I think it was a bad idea.  It hasn’t led to much, really.

I’m back for One More Day.  I don’t like the rumored ramifications, that the marriage will be gone or that history will be wiped out.  Whether or not I like the results, though, I won’t be joining in Brand New Day.  I just can’t afford that much Spidey.