Most who know my love for comic books also know my love for that giant starfish in the sky named Starro the Star Conqueror. For those of you who don’t know Starro (and shame on you!), he first appeared in The Brave and the Bold #28. This was also the first appearance of the Justice League of America!

He’s a giant starfish from space with a variety of powers, from the standard traits of a starfish to firing laser beams from his tendrils to being able to absorb massive amounts of electricity. His signature power, though, is his ability to create miniature duplicates of himself that latch onto people’s faces, allowing him to control their minds.

Over the years, he’s fought multiple incarnations of the Justice League and resurfaced from death repatedly as well. Also, he’s had other battles against Aquaman (which was not shown on-panel), Superman and Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew, and even Marvel’s Avengers.

Recently, after a long hiatus, he has resurfaced. In multiple titles, no less! There is a Starro plot over in Teen Titans, where he hasn’t actually appeared yet, though his miniatures have. He had a brief cameo in Superman/Batman #41 as part of a dream sequence, offering Superman muffins. Soon enough, he will appear in the Captain Carrot and the Final Ark mini, as shown by his presence on the final issue’s cover.

Amongst all this frenzy, I am reminded of my only problem with Starro. He has no origin. He’s not like the mysterious characters whose lack of an origin is a key part of their character. Starro just shows up, wrecks havoc, and gets killed or knocked into space. Where does he come from?

I wrote a 22-page story once detailing his origin. I did so working off the theory that if he’s called “the Star Conqueror”, he has to have conquered something, right? But then I hit this problem of his conquered worlds never having been noticed. If there were a Starro Empire out there, wouldn’t we have seen it? I thought of a way around that. Not that I’ll reveal it here, of course.

Another reason for the story was to explain how he got from his frozen, tiny state in Justice League Europe to his return to a full-grown appearance in JLA/Avengers (Avengers/JLA). Given that Infinite Crisis has occurred since I made my story, I don’t know if the either of those stories are in continuity anymore. But I could adapt if they aren’t.

In fact, I recently thought that instead of a single spotlight issue, I could incorporate the idea into the Legion, through a few ways. There would be a lack of communication and someone would go to investigate and, viola, they find the Starro Empire.

Who shares my love for Starro? What are your ideas?