Ooh. It’s been a while since I’ve made an entry. I suppose I need to rectify that.

Every so often, a discussion arises regarding why Daredevil isn’t on a team. Why did he decline to the join the New Avengers? That’s just an example.

The reason is simple. Given his heightened senses, being around a bunch of people confuses him.

The explanation is not simple. If I were to state this in a forum or amongst a circle of fellow comic readers, some might suggest I take a look at Marvel Knights and New Avengers. He didn’t have any trouble working as part of a team then, they might say. So, explaining my reasoning requires more text.

In Marvel Knights, Daredevil rarely worked in large groups. (If he ever did. It has been a while since I’ve read those adventures.) The Knights would divide into small groups to complete the mission(s). Admittedly, he might have some trouble if his small group came across a large hoard of ninjas, but back-to-back fighting and an intrinsic trust with his allies (specifically Black Widow, at least) would help him.

In New Avengers, the main fighting he did was against Mr. Hyde, mostly alone. Mr. Hyde presumably has a unique heart rate, making him easy to target. The fight was interrupted when the prisoners crowded him and the soon-to-be Avengers. At that point it became a brawl. None of those involved were really paying attention to anything within the chaos. They punched and kicked, trying to defend themselves, trying to stop from being overrun. There was no plan, no apparent regard for their allies. It was simply a battle of endurance and survival.

Being on a large team affects Daredevil’s senses. Since they tend to not divide into groups and not fight against large numbers of enemies, I don’t see any reason for him to be on a team long-term. Maybe for a mission or two, though.