Frequently in discussions involving, perhaps indirectly, Magneto or his children, someone states that one of that family is Jewish. Scarlet Witch is Jewish. Quicksilver is Jewish. Polaris is Jewish. All because Magneto is, or at least was, Jewish.

Quite frankly, I disagree. Someone can’t be born Jewish, or any other religion for that matter. They are born into a household of a certain religion. Wanda and Pietro were not born into their father’s house. For many years, he was not even aware of their existence. Instead, the two were adopted by the Maximoffs and raised in gypsy culture. They were not raised Jewish. Therefore, they are not Jewish unless they have become so since then (which has never been stated).

Lorna Dane was also not raised in the house of Magneto (or House of M, if you wanna get cute). She did not know that he is her father until recently. I do not recall at the moment what religion she was raised under, if it has been stated or implied, so I cannot say with certainty that she something other than Jewish. However, that is somewhat of a moot point. If the basis of the argument for her being Jewish were that she is so as proven in issue # such and such, there would be no problem. The argument, though, is made on the notion that since Magneto is known to be Jewish, than so must his children be. It irks me, as it shows a gross misunderstanding of heritage.

On a related note, I am unconvinced that Magneto is Jewish. He may have been at one time (the whole Holocaust part of his past), but I see no proof to suggest that he still is. Even moreso, he may not be religious at all. He never prays, celebrates holidays, nor acknowledge the existence of a higher being. If he took in a child today, would they be raised in any religion at all? ‘Tis an interesting question. One that will likely remain unanswered.

EDIT: I edit this because I realize that I have not addressed the potential for such a claim to mean that they are Jewish by heritage or lineage.  First of all, lineage is traditionally traced through the mother.  I cannot say with certainty that Wanda and Pietro’s mother was Jewish.  Assuming she was (as that would be custom), it would then depend on if Wanda and Pietro identify themselves as Jewish or with Jewish culture.  I see no evidence to suggest as such.  Much of the same can be said for Lorna.