I wasn’t going to read Brand New Day.  But, since someone in my household go it and I have this compulsion to read everything that enters the house (even if I know I won’t like it), I ended up reading it anyway.  And, yes, I know I’m behind and that you’ve probably read a number of other reviews by now, but bear with me.  So, how is Amazing Spider-Man #546?

It’s not bad, really. As a stand-alone issue, it works quite well. The art is mostly nice. The main story is mostly straightforward, definitely fun, and well-paced. As a reader of some time now, though, I just get the feeling that we’ve been there before. Just look at the reboot in ’99. Spider-Man was no longer Spider-Man. There was emphasis on the supporting cast. Peter was looking for a job outside the Bugle (eventually getting on at Tricorp). Someone is inspired by Spider-Man to do something (Mattie took up his mantle, this mugger uses his face for personal gain). Oh, and it came after a controversial story involving Aunt May.

I liked the reboot, as I was a fairly new reader. I just feel that I’ve been here before.

I say the story is mostly straightforward because there’s that bit with the web-shooters that I don’t understand. Where are the things that extend into his palm? Why do they fire tracers? The summary of the device on that two-page spread offers no explanations.

The back-up stories were nice. I suppose their relevance will be revealed later, but as it is the Harry story seems almost useless, except to give us a Harry story.

So, overall not bad, but certainly not great either.  A 3 out of 5.