The Cover Count is when I sort the comics I have read in a given week into two piles: one for those with a cover that well represents the interior and another for those that fail to do so. It’s the first Cover Count of 2008! How goes it?

Amazing Spider-Girl #16–Spider-Girl faces a mysterious invisible enemy! And, actually, that’s pretty much it. This title is constantly not decompressed, so a fair amount happens each issue. The cover can only hold so much. Now, I would’ve preferred that at least Chesbro were depicted, but I’m willing to settle for this. The majority of the issue is devoted to this plot of Spider-Girl being tracked by and attacked by an enemy that can turn invisible. This cover is good enough for me.

Avengers Classic #8–On this cover, we see Giant-Man handling an explosion, Iron Man fending off a missile, Cap doing… something, Wasp in the grasp of a hand, and Thor turning into Donald Blake. In the center of it all is Kang. The problems the Avengers are facing on this cover are indeed caused by Kang, with four out of five representative of actual events in the story. This cover definitely works.

Countdown to Final Crisis #15–Donna Troy, Kyle Rayner, Jason Todd, and Ray Palmer raise a pole with a black Superman cape attached to it–an homage to that classic Iwo Jima war photo. That might give the impression that a Superman has died or will die inside. That is not the truth. Superman Prime plays no role in what those four are doing. Besides, this cover doesn’t even state exactly what war is going on.

The Flash #236–Flash’s glove sticks out from rocky waters, as if he’s struggling to break free. Flash does struggle, that is true, but not to get out of the water. Instead, he has to break free from the aliens that came from the water. Plus, his children and members of the Justice League are involved. You can’t deduce any of that from the cover, can you?

The Incredible Hercules #113–Despite the cover showing Hercules and Ares in a slugfest, that doesn’t happen in the issue. They do fight (briefly), but Ares uses a gun and Hercules is engaged with Wonder Man. It is a dynamic cover, though.

Justice League of America #17–I don’t know what comes from beyond, but it certainly isn’t explained within this issue.  Yet, the cover asks that question.  Also, although he is the only one on the cover, Black Lightning gets little attention in the issue.  Overall, this is pretty, but little else.

Marvel Illustrated: The Iliad #2–This is the honorable mention of the week.  The issue is filled with a large-scale battle between the Greeks and Trojans, where the gods interfere greatly.  The cover depicts Diomedes and the god-induced fury he unleashed.  One of the goddesses is behind him.  However, the armor depiction is not the same inside, the identity of the goddess is vague, and it’s not clear exactly what’s going on around them.  Specifics aside, the cover does a great job of touching on an important part of the issue.  I just think it might be a little misleading.

New Exiles #1–This cover essentially looks like a poster.  True, the interior largely just introduces the character, but you don’t even really know that from the cover.  It is not as close as The Iliad, but is at least okay.

This week, the Count comes to 2:6.