Every month, I will comb over the Top 300 Comics sales list of the previous month. Then, I will come here and make a plea for you to buy something I enjoy that’s not selling well. You’ll serve me by helping make sure the title keeps going and I’ll serve you by recommending something I think it good. Sound equal? Let’s go.

The lowest selling thing I read this month happens to be Dynamo 5.

Above is issue #9, the December issue.

Dynamo 5 is a title about five people of various ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds brought together by the widow of one Captain Dynamo. They learn from her that they are his illegitimate children and, after exposure from the same radiation that gave Dynamo his powers, they each learn that they can access one of Captain Dynamo’s abilities.

Take a look here for detailed information, including names, powers, and appearances. Heck, peruse the whole site if you need more convincing.

After gaining their powers, the group teams up as the Dynamo 5 and protects the city in order to fill the void left by Captain Dynamo’s death. The government doesn’t trust them. They only have a loose association with other heroes. And currently, villains are teaming up to take them down. With the recap every issue (on the back cover) and the done-in-one nature of the book, it should be pretty easy to just pick up and follow.

For convenience, however, issues #1-7 were released in $10 trade paperback. If you are interested, that would be a good place to begin. Now, issue #10 came out a few weeks ago. Just throwing that in there to show you that there are a few issues you’d need to track down or back-order.

As for the overall style, I’d say it’s pretty close to all-ages friendly, but by the very nature of the setup there are some intercourse references and somewhat related panels. Nothing raunchy, mind you, but certainly something to look out for. Maybe I’m just a little old-fashioned, though, and kids these days would have no trouble. It’s amazing how fast the world has changed.

Anyway, it’s a fun read with consistently good writing and art. Yes, it’s an Image title, so I don’t expect great sales, but The Darkness #1 almost made the Top 100 and Spawn #173 came shortly thereafter.  Dynamo 5 isn’t even in the Top 200!

Support this title!  It’s at least worth a look.