Once upon a time, I had the notion of writing an unofficial history of the Marvel universe. I quickly realized that this was an impossible task for me alone. Since then, though, I look through my comics to see if I could file my Marvel comics in chronological order. This becomes impossible when I get to my Spider-Man collection.

However, my DC collection is actually pretty small. Most of what I had read from them has been through others’ collections. I can sort my collection chronologically. I haven’t filed them that way yet, but maybe I will sometime.

Here are my DC comics (limited to the main universe) in chronological order:

Justice League of America #188
Detective Comics #647-649
Justice League Task Force #26-33
JLA #22-23
Robin #152-153
Teen Titans #51-54
Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Cyborg Superman #1

It really does seem a bit pitiful.