Across the Internet, I go by “Acro” in various forms. When I used instant messenger, those were the first four letters of my account name. It is part of my username on both of the message boards I frequent. It is part of my Imageshack account. I even started using it for various gaming purposes. And, of course, I use it here.

Why “Acro”? I could give you the whole story, as I have given it to others in the past, but I’m nothing if not a bit paranoid. Bendis’s idea to have a secret Skrull invasion was announced several months after I expressed it as a good method of explaining why characters acted unusally in Civil War. I cannot say with any certainty that he read my post and got a moment’s inspiration. I highly doubt it, as he has expressed that this idea has been developing for a while. However, this is not the first time that I’ve had an idea for something in media and have it used before I can do anything with it.

So, that’s why I can’t tell you the full story. It’s the same reason I don’t ramble off all the details of that Superman story I’ve talked about or the stories I’ve mentioned for other characters. I’m a bit paranoid that if I reveal them, they won’t be mine to use anymore.

In any case, Acro is an idea. I would say one of the greatest, if not the greatest, idea I’ve ever had. This idea was formed in a child’s mind, largely inspired by the shows and movies I craved at the time. But Acro is only part of the idea, a label if your will. That label was formed on a fluke.

There was a Lego figurine and he had no hair. He needed a name. (My brother and I always named the Lego people.) I chose the name Joe, as no other figurine was named Joe. Liking repeated sounds, I quickly stumbled through some potential last names. Eventually, I settled on Afro. The guy had no hair! Call him Afro! It’s funny! Well, to me as a kid anyway.

I don’t know the specific reason that eventually morphed into Acro. I think it was learning about Greek civilization, about what “acro-” means. But I know I changed the Afro part because I had developed an idea, I still liked the repetition, and I wouldn’t use the same name. It’s a new idea. It needs a new name.

Really, though, this idea fits into a much larger idea. One that started as a TV concept and is now a comic book one, still bouncing around in my head. There is a large cast of characters. There are superheroics. There is a maniacal villain.  There’s a more recent idea (not mine, but related) that involves an anthology.

Over the years, I developed the big idea. I’ve got a lot of plans for it. Epic stories, the name of the comic, the format in which it’s presented, etc. I know so much, yet can reveal so little. Paranoia will do that.

The major downside is that I don’t have an artist. I can draw, but not with any great speed or finesse. Almost nothing I’ve drawn has a background. And even if I had one, I wouldn’t know who to approach with the idea. It’s not suited for Marvel or DC. At Image, I might have to incorporate it into that pseudo-universe they have. But I know that that doesn’t always happen, so it might a safe bet. It doesn’t suit the nature of any other well-known name company I can think of .

If Acro and larger therein never see the light of day, trust me when I say it’s one of my greatest ideas ever. It holds a special place in my soul. One day, though, I hope it will come forth. Then maybe you’ll see. But it’s a big story. So, if it ever comes, I recommend getting in early. It will be well worth it.