A while back I listed my favorite characters for DC and Marvel. Where, oh where, are these great characters now? Well, for this entry, let me run through the DC list again.


Manhunter IV or Kirk DePaul died. It happened in an issue of the most recent Manhunter title. Someone was hunting Manhunters and Kirk ended up getting decapitated on a rooftop.

Deadman is, well, dead. Aside from that consistent, obvious point, he has not been used. We came close to seeing him in Justice League of America, but that turned out to be Felix Faust in disguise. I once read that ol’ Boston was not being used because of the Deadman mini series in Vertigo. That series has come and gone, yet still no Deadman. Hmm…

During World War III, Martian Manhunter went through a transformation. He got in touch with his Martian side and, for lack of a better description, turned his back on humanity. He changed his costume and became fairly grim. J’onn stopped being the character I knew. He was going to be on the Outsiders, but that changed with the creative team. So, currently he, too, is being unused. Given where we left off, though, that might be a good thing.

Darkseid always gets use. I like how Starlin is portraying him in Death of the New Gods and I honestly feel like he will be the only god not to die.

Kilowog appears semi-regularly in the Green Lantern titles. Every so often, I still get to enjoy his presence. Plus, I learned that he is a family man. Kinda neat.

Starro just went received a fair amount of exposure. I made an entry to that effect, showcasing how it was the main antagonist in Teen Titans and Captain Carrot and the Final Ark at the same time. In one it loses (quite quickly and uninterestingly, though it does possess Sinestro rings at the time, which was cool) and in the other, it wins. Guess which one I liked more? In any case, it can wait for a few more months (or maybe a year) before doing more.

The Human Bomb died. I will not even try to be unbiased here. It was stupid and likely soiled my mindset toward Infinite Crisis in general–as the death happened in issue #1. Then DC turns around and makes another Human Bomb! Seriously, what was the point?

Tim Drake, a.k.a Robin, developed a bit after Infinite Crisis. I thought it was good. He got wrapped up in bringing back his best friend in a grief-stricken delusion. Then he became the foster son of Batman. He was developing a relationship with Wonder Girl. The guy was making progress. Now, admittedly I have failed to read his title in a while (I read his team-up with Boomerang, Jr., which was entertaining). He could have been a bumbling idiot for all I know. What I do know, though, is that apparently he is going backwards in Teen Titans (as in, still being somewhat obsessed with cloning, backing away from Wonder Girl, etc.), but that Chuck Dixon is starting to do interesting stuff over in Robin. At least Tim is being written well half of the time, right?

Quislet has been gone for quite some time. Sure, he briefly stopped in for a Waid story, but it was jsut a mythical tale. A tantalizing carrot waving in front of my face. It was cool that he got the final line in the comic, though. Still, that was several issues ago. Bring back Quislet, DC!

Wally West, better known as Flash, came back in “The Lightning Saga”. I still like the character better than any other I read, but the stories he finds himself in have not been that enjoyable. Well, save Nightwing #141. That was very well done. Anyway, here’s hoping his title and his appearances get better.

This means that half of DC’s great characters are dead, in Comic Book Limbo, or both (excluding Starro). Robin’s characterization is inconsistent and Flash’s stories are sub-par. The great characters are fading. I guess I will just have to find new greats.