I did the DC list.  Now, what of the Marvel characters…

Box IV was dismantled, I believe.  Madison Jeffries, its pilot, went on to become a cast member of Weapon X.  In it, he ended up going insane and working for a sadistic Director.  He even had Box-like suits.  I might not have all the details right, but at the moment the Box suit is not being used and Jeffries has lost his mind.  Definite Limbo-almost-dead state there.

Dane Whitman, the Black Knight, was last seen in Excalibur.  I do not know if Dane himself was portrayed well, but he had a fake Ebony Blade (why he is using any Ebony Blade has not been explained).  Since then, he has had no place.  Luckily, he might be turning up in the new Captain Britain and M:13 title.

Thing is a mainstay.  People know how to write him (and well, generally).

Shadowcat might be dying.  That’s the rumor anyway.  Given that she was not in Messiah Complex gives some credence to that.  But at the moment, she is still appearing Astonishing.  She might be dead or end up in Limbo after that, but for now I guess I can be satisfied.

Doctor Doom is currently in Mighty Avengers, will be showing up in Fantastic Four, and gets to feature in an Iron Man mini.  The guy is getting around.   And, generally, he gets to be the same Doom I enjoy reading.  Good stuff.

If Shadowcat is not the one to die or be left stranded in space, it will assuredly be Lockheed.  Now, of the two, I would actually prefer it be Lockheed, as he is less marketable and nothing has really been done with him in quite some time, but it doesn’t really matter.  If Shadowcat goes, so does Lockheed.  If Shadowcat doesn’t go, Lockheed is the one who dies.  There will be no winning.

Morph stays in New Exiles.   He hasn’t really quite been his normal, funny self lately, but it’s not that bad.

Beta Ray Bill actually received a fair amount of recognition.  He appeared in his own mini and was part of Omega Flight.  He’s essentially in Limbo at the moment (somewhat literally, too), as the fate of Omega Flight is up in the air.

Doctor Strange got his hands crushed and had to resort to using black magic.  Oh, and he’s sleeping with Night Nurse and helping the New Avengers.  I don’t really care for that portrayal (I much prefer JMS’s version of him in Amazing Spider-Man), but at least he is being used somewhere.

Captain America is dead.  Woo.

So, if you count Captain America and Box and preemptively count Shadowcat and Lockheed, Marvel still does a little better than DC.  But it’s still somewhat tainted, I think, by the things they’ve been doing to characters I like outside the Top 10.