Every month, I comb over the Top 300 Comics sales list of the previous month. Then, I come here and make a plea for you to buy something I enjoy that’s not selling well. You’ll serve me by helping make sure the title keeps going and I’ll serve you by recommending something I think it good. Sound equal? Let’s go.

This month, I’m recommending Marvel Illustrated: the Iliad. Admittedly, it is a mini series, so that “make sure the title keeps going” part is not really apt. However, it is part of a larger line of books, which do need support to keep going. This title was placed under Dynamo 5, even, and it’s the highest selling one!

The title is obviously based on The Iliad. It is a classic Greek epic poem supposedly provided by a poet named Homer. This title appeals to comic book fans, perhaps more so than any other Marvel Illustrated comic, because it is myth. It is an epic tale of heroes, of godly interference, and of war. A fan of Wonder Woman or Thor? You would probably like this. A fan of World War II comics? Are you a veteran of war? This might work for you.

The basic premise is that the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen, has left Greece, taken from her home by Paris, prince of Troy. Due to an oath, all the important men of Greece must help Helen’s husband Menelaus retrieve her. Thus, we have a Trojan War, which at the start of the story has been going on for nine years. Most of that is pretty well described in the first few pages of the first issue.

This part of that overall story focuses on the rage of Achilles, a great Greek warrior, and his affect on the war. The first word of the poem is “rage”. How cool is that?

In any case, the first issue establishes the story and some important elements. The second issue is a large battle. I have yet to read the third issue, released this week, but I hear it is good.

So, support this title and the Marvel Illustrated line. You’ll be glad you did.