Every so often, I take a stack of comics I read and sort them into two piles based on their covers. One pile is for those comics with covers adequately relevant to the issue. The other is for those comics with every other type of cover, including relevant ones that are misleading.

This week, I have to be lenient because otherwise the Count is so dismal that it doesn’t deserve a mention.

I was going to make this the standard length and include the cover images, but I can do neither, as I lack time. This things normally go up on Sunday!

So, here’s what I read this week:

Amazing Spider-Girl #18

Annihilation: Conquest #5

Avengers: Initiative #10

Countdown to Final Crisis #07

Countdown to Mystery #6

Fantastic Four #555

The Last Defenders #1

Marvel Comics Presents #7

Marvel Illustrated: Moby Dick #2

Mighty Avengers #10

Nova #11

Superman #674

This week, the ones to make go in the first pile are Amazing Spider-Girl, Avengers: Initiative, Marvel Comics Presents, and Mighty Avengers.

4:8. 1:2. Meh.