Every month, I check out icv2’s Top 300 Comics sales list. I look for the lowest-selling ongoing I read and recommend it to you. This helps me because the title could get more sales (and let it keep going) and it helps you since you could potentially end up buying a title you knew nothing or next to nothing about.

This month, I want you to support The Amazing Spider-Girl.

Above is the cover to issue #17, released in February.

Due to “One More Day” and “Brand New Day” in the Spider-Man titles, Marvel has been pitching this as the alternative, largely on the premise that people might buy Spider-Girl solely because Mary Jane and Peter are happily married in it.

I don’t think that’s enough of a selling point. That only hits a portion of the readers, some of which may still be reading Amazing Spider-Man. You can read both, of course, (I have in the past) but they are different animals.

Spider-Girl belongs to a group of comics called MC2 or Marvel Comics 2. Essentially, the comics take place in an alternate continuity where there is a new crop of heroes. Spider-Girl to replace Spider-Man. Avengers Next to replaced the Avengers. The Fantastic Five as opposed to the Fantastic Four. And so on. Some old ones remain, but the point is that these are titles focusing on characters you cannot read about in standard Marvel Comics.

Currently, The Amazing Spider-Girl is the only ongoing series in that line. For that reason, the title typically hits various corners of its universe. More importantly, though, the title references Spider-Man continuity. Not only may Spider-Girl appeal to fans of the marriage, but also fans of “The Clone Saga”, Hobgoblin, and Black Tarantula, as their past stories play important roles in the current events. The best thing about Spider-Girl is that you do not need to know those past stories to enjoy the ones within. Each issue is fairly self-contained and provides a recap (like are Marvel titles) to give you the essential elements of what came before the issue you’re reading.

This title is a lot of fun. Classic and new villains alike. A fairly sizable, diverse supporting cast. Engaging plots. And just being generally entertaining.

Support this title. You know you want to.