I was glancing through this month’s sales charts and I noticed that not only have the titles I recommended previously suffered a drop in sales, but that I have nothing to recommend outside the Top 100.  However, I will not be deterred.

This month, I’m asking you to support Marvel’s Nova (Issue #11’s cover from March pictured above).

Nova is a title starring the character of the same name.  Nova, aka Richard Ryder, is the last member of a recently-destroyed group called the Nova Corps.  Due to that group’s demise, he now carries the brains behind the Corps, a supercomputer named the Worldmind, in his head.  With the help and guidance of the Worldmind, he acts as a universal protector, assisting those in need across space.

There are several reasons this is a good title.  With the narration and back-and-forth banter between Richard and the Worldmind, readers really get to understand the main character.  In this way, one also gets constantly reminded of the burden Nova now bears.  The art is the next biggest contributor.  Each issue, no matter who the artist, looks superb, beautifully rendering character moments and action sequences alike.

The first few issues has Nova deal with some fallout from Annihilation, out of which it was spun, and Civil War.  Almost immediately, the title gets thrust into the midst of Annihilation: Conquest, and it will escape being such a tie-in now that that story has finished.  The neat thing about Nova is that, although it has ties–sometimes very important ties–to major events, you do not need to read such events to understand the story (with perhaps the exception of the most recent arc in the title).

So, it is a beautifully drawn and well-written title that can mostly be read on its own, stars a relatable, burdened super hero with a large amount of power, and cameos of great new characters (like Cosmo, a psychic Russian cosmonaut dog) and liked old ones (like Gamora of the Infinity Watch).

Support this title.  You know you want to.