Before I do this week’s Cover Count (and it is coming, and should be weekly for a bit), I’m going to discuss my idea for an Iron Man arc.  I’ve been meaning to do this recently, largely since the Iron Man movie is out, but just kept getting sidetracked.  No longer!

Essentially, it goes like this.  A guy mad at Tony Stark makes a deal with the devil (or Mephisto, maybe) to acquire abilities to defeat Iron Man.  As a balance to Tony being a man of technology, this villain, aptly named Faust, would be able to generate and control the four classical elements (fire, air, water, and earth).

The finer details, though, have gone under revision pretty much since I had the idea.  At first, I wanted the villain to be a new guy.  A cheesily-named character called Phillip Faust who previously worked for Stark.  Due to an accident that wasn’t his fault (though evidence pointed to the contrary), he was fired from Stark Industries.  The result was that, in fairly quick succession of the following months, he lost practically everything.  So, he makes a deal to get back at Stark in exchange for his soul.  It’s not enough just to fight Iron Man, though.  He provides a moral dilemma.  He steals the materials to make several standard bombs and one gas bomb.  He places the standard bombs around the city.  He places the gas bomb within the headquarters of Stark Industries.  Essentially, the dilemma would be that Iron Man could save the city or his staff.  He’d succeed at both-well, mostly–and be the hero he is.

That all seemed a bit cliche and dull.  So, I tried to think of a better option.  Eventually, I settled on one of the scrapped members of the Order being angry enough at Tony to try this.  But I soon scrapped that idea when I realized the character I wanted was going to be used again.

More recently, I decided that the best option might be to use a depowered mutant.  They actually liked their power and enjoyed using it.  Based on how House of M seemed to work in Tony’s favor to pass the Superhero Registration Act (as there would be no mutant intervention for preservation reasons), this unnamed depowered mutant could make the jump in logic that Tony had something to do with them losing their powers.  This time, however, I reworked the fight.  It would be a straight slugfest, with nature versues the toils of man.  In the end, Faust (as I would still like to call the character that) would defeat Iron Man, slowing stripping Tony of his armor.  But that was all in the deal.  Faust was allowed to beat Iron Man.  No one else.  So, no longer with armor, Tony would still act defiantly and attack Faust with a pipe (as they would be within the ruins of one of Tony’s buildings at the time).  Faust’s deal didn’t extend to Tony, only to Iron Man.  No Iron Man, and Faust falls quite fast.

Now, this story idea was developed before the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. thing and I probably should have included that since.  Ah well.  I’ll save that for the next revision.