Every so often, I take the comics I read in a given week and sort them into two stacks. In one stack are those that have a cover decently expressive of the interior. In the other are those that say little to nothing or are misleading.

Action Comics #856–The cover emphasizes Brainiac and bottled cities. Those are important elements, and may become driving elements to the overall story, but I especially like this cover for including references to the other people who appear. Three bottles devoted to Daily Planet staff and one devoted to the Kents. A nice touch. The story is about Brainiac and the rest of the elements are at least referenced, so this one fits into the first pile.

We’re off to a good start! Let’s see where this goes…

Amazing Spider-Girl #21–Okay, moving from left to right in a clockwise fashion, this cover includes Peter Parker (somewhat) assaulting Normie Osborn, a blurb regarding a mystery girl that matches the image next to it, and Spider-Girl fighting a powered enemy. All three images are essentially panels from the story inside. Peter does get upset at Normie and manhandles him a little. The mysterious May-looking girl is a prominent figure. Spider-Girl does fight that character, a mutant named Nucleus. This one definitely goes into the first stack.

ClanDestine #5–Readers of ClanDestine know that a fair amount happens each issue as various plot elements are touched upon. In this cover, we essentially get a glimpse at the climax of this issue. It really isn’t much, as that event is only a few pages long. However, it is unique to this issue specifically (as opposed to the other plots). It may be a little marginal, but I’ll put it in the first stack.

Green Lantern Corps #25–A cover that depicts the Green Lanterns of the issue! Yawn.

Iron Man: Legacy of Doom #3–In one corner, we have Doctor Doom wielding Excalibur! In the other corner, we have Iron Man wielding… the normal stuff! In the background is a sheath within a pink glow and a stone structure! Okay, that fight takes up the first half of the issue or so and the sheath in Stonehenge (as it is) is a key part of the second half. Definitely a cover for the first stack.

The Last Defenders #4–The cover shows Atlas (of the old Thunderbolts) being crushed by a giant metal hand.  He stands amidst a large amount of rubble and debris, with Nighthawk and Paladin unconscious around him.  Nothing close to that happens.  The Defenders do face a giant robotic construct, but it’s dealt with fairly quickly and everyone stays conscious (save maybe the guys in the construct).  Admittedly, it is really the only action sequence in the comic, so I think I would’ve settled for that scene being depicted somewhat accurately.  It goes into the second stack.  Still a neat-looking cover, though.

Skaar: Son of Hulk #1–There are two covers for this issue.  I happened to get the variant one, which shows Skaar hunched over amidst ruins and rocky terrain.  I don’t think I have to tell you where this one goes.

Titans #3–First off, the cover tells you the themes of the issue:  Lust, Rage, and Envy.  Lust is shown through Nightwing and Starfire looking longingly at each other.  Rage is shown in the fight sequence between Beast Boy, Red Arrow, and Raven.  Envy is shown with Donna Troy and Flash arguing.  To top it all off, Cyborg even gets thrown on there just to say he is in the issue.  All of that is true to the comic.  In fact, Flash is even in the exact same pose here as he is on the inside for one panel when arguing with Donna.  First stack, away!

Trinity #2–Remember last week, when I said Trinity might become a recurring part of the second stack?  Well, in a theme stretching across three inter-connected covers (which means we have one more to go), this week we get Batman standing on a rooftop in Metropolis.  Next week we’ll have Wonder Woman in Gotham City.  I do not expect that one to make it, either.

So, if you’ve been playing along, you might have noticed something.  It’s a week where the first stack won!  I love it when that happens.  The count is 5:4.