Compared to many comic readers, I’m likely considered a newcomer of sorts.  I grew up with comics and was interested in them from an early age, largely due to reading through my dad’s stuff and the influence of the various animated programs.  I know I’ve been reading comics for at least over a decade, but only actually ordering some for myself for a little less than that (I started in 1999).

I tell you that to tell you this.  One of the highlights of my reading in the late 90s was Chuck Dixon’s run on Nightwing.  I could go on about what makes that run great, but that isn’t the point of this entry.  Suffice to say, I looked forward to that title every month and enjoyed it every time it arrived.

Now, Chuck Dixon may have defined Nightwing for me, but, little did I know it at the time, but he had also essentially created the Tim Drake (Robin III) character I’d come to enjoy as well.  I learned by reading some of my dad’s Robin issues.  I was reminded every time I would return to the first comic I ever owned, Detective Comics #649.

So, when it was announced that he would be returning to Robin, I knew it was something I wanted to try.  At first, the solicitations for upcoming events did not grab me.  Finally, though, issue #177 promised a solo issue involving Robin, the newly resurfaced Spoiler, and Cluemaster.  Considering all three are featured in my first comic, such stories hold a special interest.

Unfortunately, a few days after submitting the pre-order for August (the month in which #177 will ship), I learned the Dixon was no longer working at DC and, a few days after that, that #177 would no longer be the story previously shown.  I’m a bit heartbroken, a little sad, and, more than anything, angry.  I don’t order anything from DC, really.  I only look forward to two of their title a month, Justice Society of America and The Legion of Super-Heroes, and I read them because a family member orders them (meaning I don’t have to).  I was willing to order an issue of Robin.  I was willing to continue ordering issues of Robin.  The Powers That Be at DC have now taken that away from me.

Fabian Nicieza has been announced as the new writer.  I like Nicieza and probably could not ask for a better choice, but I can’t support the title now.  What I wanted is gone and supporting what comes next feels like supporting DC’s decision to get rid of Dixon.