When looking at my comics this week, I noticed that DC currently has the US and Canadian price of the comic as the same thing.  I looked back a few weeks and realize that this is not a new development, but still a recent one.  Check out two sequential issues of The Brave and the Bold (the prices are under the bar code).

So, the change from two prices to one seems to have occurred somewhere within the May ’08 cover date month.

For a while now, I’ve wondered why the Canadian price was always higher, since the Canadian dollar had become more valuable than the US dollar.  Now, according to this recent Reuters article, the Canadian dollar is only slightly more valuable, by a little over two cents.  So I think DC’s in the right here to charge the same price for both sides, as the difference is so slight.

However, other companies do not do the same.  Marvel, for example, is charging Canadians six cents more than Americans.  In the scheme of things, it’s not that much of a difference, but it adds up over time.  Since the Canadian dollar is two cents more valuable, shouldn’t it, at the very least, be the other way around?  Ah, but perhaps there is some other reason than the value of currency.  Maybe mass appeal, maybe something in production.  I don’t have that kind of insight.  But considering DC titles haven’t seen a noticeable drop in sales since changing pricing, I imagine something is afoot.

In any case, kudos to DC.  I may not like many of your titles, but this seems like a smart business decision.