A while back, I listed by top ten favorite Marvel characters. I later did a follow-up to explain where those characters were at that time. (I would link to those entries, but it’s early, I’m lazy, and I’m going to give the important part anyway.) Dane Whitman, aka the Black Knight, was my #9. I really like this character. As such, it bothers me when people start talking about him online and use the following image.

I honestly don’t know who that is. The comic itself is a story involving the first Black Knight, Sir Percy of Camelot. But Sir Percy does not look like that, even in the comic.

So, since the story isn’t about Dane, the cover can’t be of him. But since it doesn’t look like Percy, it can’t be him either.  Perhaps there is an in-story explanation, but I haven’t read the story to know.

Quite simply, even if the cover is depicting the Black Knight, it can’t be Dane.  Unless Marvel editorial is far more asleep than I think they are or marketing has too much power.