A short while ago, I came up with a theory regarding the nature of the Multiverse and big events in DC.  In Crisis of Infinite Earths, worlds were eradicated by a giant wall, called an antimatter wave.  It ate through realities across time and space and the Anti-Monitor fed on the energies leaked therein.  Eventually, five Earths were protected and the heroes of those five Earths tried to stop the Anti-Monitor.  The result was that those five Earths were merged into a single Earth.  The Multiverse collapsed and a single universe was born.

Post-Crisis, to account for how heroes could travel to alternate worlds or that alternate worlds could interact with DC’s Earth, the concept of Hypertime was introduced.  Hypertime was this stream of timelines.  Sometimes the timelines went off in their own directions.  Sometimes they fed back into each other (leading to crossovers, for example).  But Hypertime only existed postCrisis.  Why wasn’t it there before?  I theorize that Hypertime is made up of all the timelines the antimatter wave gobbled up.  The wave, a giant white thing much like Hypertime, condensed itself after the Anti-Monitor lost control of it.

And that brings up to Infinite Crisis.  There, Alexander Luthor, in a largely unexplained way, brought back the various worlds of the Multiverse and then some.  (Doing so in search of the perfect Earth.)  My explanation here is that, by using the corpse of the Anti-Monitor and a construct much one of Anti-Monitor’s tuning forks, Alex was able to tap into Hypertime and pull Earths from it.  He basically unleashed Hypertime into DC space.  And then the device was destroyed.  Ripples were sent through time as some things changed.  But Hypertime had been unleashed.  So, in the wake of the device being destroyed, the Multiverse returned, since Hypertime had been destroyed for Alex to do his work.

So, Crisis caused Hypertime.  Hypertime was destroyed in Infinite Crisis.  Now DC has a Multiverse.  But is it just limited to 52 Earths?  Hmm…